Since I started training with Josh, over a year ago, my short and long distance race times have dramatically reduced! As a busy mom I appreciate Josh's comprehensive approach to help me become a faster, stronger, and healthier version of myself! He's a game changer! Quinn Sosne|Wilmington, NC.

"Josh made the workout fun and motivating! By the end, I couldn't wait for the next session!" Natalie King, age 38

"After training with Josh, I lost 75 lbs and normalized my blood pressure, eliminating any need for medication. My weight loss success story was published in a global magazine. Even though I've moved to the West Coast, he continues to motivate and coach me. I would recommend Josh to any company or individual looking for a trainer or Wellness Coach." Wayne Barber, Yahoo!

“Josh helped make my nutrition and exercise a sustainable lifestyle that has not only helped me to get the look I want but also given me a higher level of knowledge to help me maintain my level of health and wellness. He has been a positive influence on my life and took the time and effort necessary to individualize my routine. He is dedicated and determined to help you succeed. Josh helped me stay focused on what I wanted to achieve." Jessie Oakson, age 32 

"Josh has an easily-accessible training style and can cater to a variety of fitness levels. Exercise and proper nutrition are now an integral part of my life. Josh introduced me to high-intensity training, as well as other forms of strength training and mobility exercises. With this knowledge, I have been able to reach and then surpass my strength goals and have developed greater flexibility and overall fitness. As an asthmatic, that later achievement has brought significant advantages to my health and quality of life. But I think my favorite accomplishment is that people now tell me that they can see that I workout. I didn’t expect that when I started! Thanks Josh!" John McEachin, age 33

"Over the years, my buddy Josh has skillfully guided me to ever higher levels of fitness, teaching me the paths of endurance, resistance training, flexibility and nutrition. Not bad, I think, for a dude who is 70 years old!" Robert Landis, age 70


"I tried everything I knew to lose weight on my own. Nothing was working. My husband was tired of hearing me moan about it, so he encouraged me to ask Josh for help. Josh was very kind and asked a lot of questions. Well, I was in for an education. What I thought I had been doing right was not right after all. Josh did not try to fix it all in one day. He made a few small adjustments that were easy for me to implement. I started seeing results. I thought, 'Good, I can do this. We're going in the right direction on the scale.' Throughout the weeks, Josh checked in with me and monitored my progress. We gradually made more adjustments and he helped me form new and better habits." Jackie King, age 48

"Josh has been a valuable resource to me. I have been managing North and South America for a Children's Entertainment Brand called LazyTown. Josh is a great resource for solid advice. Keeping up on wellness is a tough thing for someone like me. Josh is conversant with the latest developments in health and has a talent for working with people. I enthusiastically recommend Josh Neubauer!" Dean Koocher

"Although I am a lifelong multisport athlete and have participated in marathons and triathlons, I have never met anyone as dedicated to staying fit as Josh. His level of commitment to doing the right things for his health are an inspiration to all of us who have been touched by his example. I have often said that only Josh can tell a CEO to drop down and give him 10 pushups in the neighborhood park without feeling the least bit intimidated. His convictions move him to action. He understands how to motivate anyone who can at least keep an appointment. Wherever a person is currently on the fitness scale, Josh knows how to move them up to the next rung while protecting them from injury and not putting a dent in their dignity. His enthusiasm for life is contagious. I still frequently rely on him for advice to get functionally stronger, more fit, and to correct injuries. He is one of the rare professionals that I am willing to put my name and reputation on the line for to say that I am absolutely confident that he will do an outstanding job!" Scott Jackson

"Josh is an absolute rock star in his industry. From both a nutrition and exercise perspective, he has a seemingly endless hunger to help others to obtain their goals in a realistic and measureable way. Additionally, he continually stays current with the best programs in the wellness, exercise and nutrition industries, as can be seen from his profile. This helps to save me time trying to make sense of what is worthwhile and what is time-wasting in the latest fads and trends. If you have the opportunity to be trained by Josh, it will be a life changing experience." Aaron DuShey

"Josh is an outstanding communicator, and he lives what he teaches. I have known Josh for 25 years and highly recommend his services, as he has helped me so much in the area of personal and physical development." Terry Corley

"Josh finds creative ways to motivate others. He gets things done and has helped me accomplish a great deal in my career by encouraging me to think outside the box." Joshua Barnett, Owner DK Architectural


"Over the years, I have watched Josh coach those with neuromuscular issues learn to self heal through exercise and nutrition. More often then not, many feel that their age or circumstance prevents them from attaining their health goals.  Josh is able to masterfully tailor a program that is custom designed to your lifestyle and more importantly, sustainable.  What I love the most are the bag of tips that he's got.  Sure, you'll have to sweat, but you definitely work smarter, not harder."

May Henderson- Neuromuscular Therapist

"I have considered it a real pleasure getting to know Josh over the last 10 years. Outstanding among his many good qualities is his care and interest in people. His natural charisma and positive outlook in life are often directed to helping others, especially in the areas of fitness and well-being. He is a self-motivated learner and is constantly adding to his substantial knowledge base. His passion for fitness coupled with his love of people makes Josh an ideal trainer and an even better friend."
Bryce Hemmelgarn, age 43

"My husband and I have known Josh for some 20 years and have benefitted greatly by the professional manner with which he deals with people. His services have been invaluable to both of us as he has worked diligently with my 91-year-old husband and me to keep us limber and upright. His kind manner and patience have kept us going." 

Dolores Adams, age 83

“Josh is first and foremost people-oriented. As someone who works full-time in an office environment, staying active can be challenging for me. I’ve known Josh six years and during that time, he has helped me improve my lifestyle through personal instruction, tailored to my specific needs. His kind, professional manner makes it easy to approach him with any questions or concerns. Josh has provided practical advice to help me improve my lifting form, workout productivity and overall enjoyment with exercising. He has inspired me to keep progressing with my fitness goals.” Ian Stewart, age 28


"Josh is a real motivator and as a personal trainer he gets you to push yourself beyond what you think you can do!!!" Kristy Sameth, age 35

"I would like to express my appreciation for Josh, my trainer for the past 5 years. He has given me personal attention and helped me maintain a good exercise program that includes aerobics, stretching and strength training. He is always kind and positive with me."April Fredean, age 70